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MONDAY (AM) - perfect conditions down at the baths this morning. The sun is shinning and the water warm





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Have you seen Caroline Josephs down at Wylie's Baths? Caroline's written prose entry won the 2017 Pat Skinner Award for writing about ocean pools and we're all a bit chuffed! Caroline is also an accomplished painter and has a few Wylie's inspired pieces available for sale. Her Blue Groper paiting (photographed here) will be available at our silent auction on 6th April 2018 :)

Winter Swimming -- Body Oceanic


Each day of the year, I plunge my body

into the ocean … 


When the water temperature drops --

to 14-16 degrees in winter,

I sit on the side

of the ocean pool,

legs dangling in water,

'Not hot, not cold…

Just wet' --

my mantra…

I breathe deep

into the belly


Sliding into the water, I am

swimming in one movement…  

Contraction, tension as cold hits.


Body bitten by sudden change,

enveloping, focussing –

a one-pointed

pain of intensity --

At the threshold of change

my breath

momentarily obliterated.

I swim with head out

for a bit…



After some strokes, the body

adjusts to

sudden drop in temperature,

tightening, experienced as fear. 

The body relaxing, not resisting -- the cold… 

Being with the cold,

singing the cold.

Celebrating cold.


Two pauses between –

incoming, outgoing breath –

each quite silent.

Thresholds of dying, of birthing.


Blowing out the self, bubbles in my ears,

deafeningly loud, vibrating,

ripples of sound through



After a part lap I  put

my head

into the water. 

My face an ice mask –

separated, distinct. 

After a few more laps I am

breathing and swimming,  

bubbles of my out-breath

making a friendly burble –

in a steady rhythm. 

Exuding from my arms, a swathe

of tiny air pockets ascends

to the surface, ribbons of air cells.



A few more laps -- I am dissolving

into the silkiness of the sea

water, being relieved of skin.

I am weightless.


Being water, being breath, being…

tiny schools of striped fish all

turning their heads into

the oncoming current,

being slowly furling sea-weeds,

being the blinking pearlescent

bi-ped mollusc shells open to the sea,

being lichen-covered

rocks on the bottom of

the natural rock pool,

being flickering overlaying lines

of light through prisms of liquid…   


Sometimes turbulent, great swells

roll in waves over the side

of the ocean pool.  A few brave souls

flail and bob through the shifting

foam and currents, the waves running

up to slap

against the concrete

retaining walls

meeting another, in the backwash. 


There’s a swish as froth, foam,

waves wash over the pool sea-wall to

descend as white cloudbursts,


Through my goggles I am white-out. 

Submerged, gestating in a state of


Contained, content. 

Selfless. Skinless,

No where.

No self. 



Under the surface


of conflicting currents –

when I slip through

a 'gateless gate' it is –


Quiet and untroubled

In the deep. 


Caroline Josephs

Have you seen Matthew Martin down at Wylie's Baths?
Artist, cartoonist and Wylie's Baths regular Matthew Martin explains how swimming in Sydney's most beautiful tidal pool feeds his drawing addiction, in this short interview for the exhibition Sand in the City at the Museum of Sydney, which was held December 2016 - July 2107.



Baths Maintenance

On-going maintenance includes pressure washing the decks, which will occur along the patterns of LOW TIDE.
Notices will be posted daily regarding pressure washing.


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