Wylie's Wellness


Wylie's Wellness 
offers the local community an inspiring outdoor experience within a cosy marquee that looks out to the ocean and beach from Wylie's northern deck. Classes include yoga, pilates, meditation, and more!


We can offer private instruction or corporate workshops and have multiple instructors with a variety of background and styles to suit the needs of beginners to advanced levels. 


See our Timetable below for the open classes. Drop ins are welcome but you are encouraged to reserve a spot by either contacting your instructor via SMS (Chrissie & Annette classes) or SMS/booking online (Daniella & Deanne's classes, see interactive booking scheduler below the timetable). 


All are welcome and we have a supply of mats and props for use on the premises. 




For online bookings of classes you can use the schedule below [note: not all instructors use the online booking system, so refer to timetable above for all weekly class times] 



Classes are held year round on the deck overlooking the ocean pool at Wylie's Baths. The shade canopy shelters us from all weather conditions but does not curtail the inspiring views.


All levels welcome, classes are suitable for everyone, bring your mat (some spares) and just come along! 

After the class you can enjoy a refreshing swim, then relax with a cuppa from Wylie's kiosk, no time limit on your stay.



Entry to Wylie's Baths is $3 for Wellness Classes (yoga / pilates / meditation)

Entry to Wylie's Baths is $5 if you are attending Wellness Class & swimming
The cost of the Wellness Class is $18 directly to your instructor 

Wylie's Winter Speacials
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Ondrej Garaj Photography


Ondrej Garaj Photography



Annette Field teaches a classical hatha style of yoga including asanas (postures),  pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Her remedial classes at Wylies are  designed to offer variations on postures that are suitable for individual needs and goals.  Postures are practised slowly and mindfully with pauses to allow students to develop the  ‘witness consciousness’ to observe their body, breath and mind. This encourages  practitioners to deepen their own experience and work at their own level, without  comparison to others. 


Contact:  Annette

Mobile: 0466 470 357

Email: annette.field@iinet.net.au

Web: www.yogaaspirations.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/yogaaspirations


Yoga Aspirations Fiji Retreat:

Papageno Resort, Kadavu Island – 2-8 July 2017

 A retreat experience at a tranquil 350 acre eco-resort

Full details: https://yogaaspirations.com.au/retreats


For Annette, yoga is a journey and she draws on the many benefits yoga offers and is  committed to ongoing professional development. She has completed Yoga for Mood  Management: LifeForce Yoga Practitioner Training, Part A – Experiential with Amy Weintraub and is currently undertaking further LifeForce Yoga training. Other studies completed include the Yoga Anatomy: Principles course with Leslie Kaminoff and training on trauma sensitive yoga. Annette holds a Diploma of Yoga (SYA), which included a four months Yogic Studies course at the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, India.  


Annette is a registered teacher with Yoga Australia (No. SYTA3840) and adheres to the Yoga Australia Code of Professional Conduct.


Student’s comments about Annette’s classes:


“I have been taking yoga classes with Annette at Wylies for the past year and I must say I look forward to Wednesday mornings. I hate it when something comes up that stops me going to yoga. Annette makes everyone welcome, even newcomers. She takes note and remembers past injuries which might limit some positions and suggests alternatives. I love her philosophy, calmness and approach. Anyone wishing to try yoga for the first time would do well going to Annette’s yoga classes. I hope that I can continue for many years to come.” (Liz)


“As a newcomer to yoga, Annette's early bird class is a wonderful introduction to its practices. Annette's clear instruction in breathing and meditative technique perfectly grounds my day.” (Kate)


“Yoga at Wylies - the most wonderful way to start the day. Annette's classes are always thoughtfully put together, catering for all levels of yoga experience. Nothing beats starting the day focusing on some time to care for yourself by the ocean.” (Dani)


“Annette's yoga classes at Wylies, where I breathe in the invigorating air and stretch out to the horizon, is a special shared experience. Sharing her practice which is grounded in an intelligent and compassionate understanding of the mind and body, Annette’s teaching guides me into a deeper understanding of the benefits of both poses and breathing practice. I feel shifts in mind and body throughout the class. ” (Virginia)




Chrissie Alexander began studying/practising Vinyasa yoga over 10 years ago. More recently, she has practised Jivamukti Yoga and attended many courses with her teacher, Clive Sheridan, to develop the spiritual side of yoga. Chrissie has been teaching Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for 5 years, aligning each movement with the breath. She incorporates meditation and pranayama into her classes.


Contact: Chrissie 
Mobile: 0406 948 078
Email: chrissiealex@gmail.com
Web: www.coconutspice.wordpress.com 






Daniella Goldberg PhD trained as a yoga teacher to help others discover the power of yoga to help reduce stress and live each moment more mindfully. She has a love of yoga and a passion for teaching it. Through hatha-vinyasa style classes, she gently guides students to grow strong, be flexible, focused and mindful both, on and off the mat. She completed her teacher training in the Jivamukti style yoga at the Sukha Mukha Studio in Sydney in 2013. Since then, she has completed an advanced training in Adjustment & Alignment, Mental Health First Aid Course for Yoga Teachers and the Karma Kids Yoga Teachers Workshop. 

Daniella began practicing yoga when she was five years old and as an adult has integrated yoga into her daily life for health and wellness. When she is not teaching yoga, Daniella consults to other health & wellness businesses about PR and media. She has Doctorate of Philosophy in Medicine.



Contact: Daniella

Mobile: 0416 211 067

Email: yogarama@optusnet.com.au

Web: www.yogarama.biz




Deanne Scroop started practicing Pilates in London circa 2008 to compliment her other fitness activities; to allow her body to stretch, regroup and focus. She found the benefits from Pilates only enhanced the other activities she was doing. This sense of connection with her body continued when Deanne returned to Australia in 2013, so much so that she decided to pursue the practice of Pilates as a career.
Deanne is qualified as a Pilates Mat Instructor through the Elixr School of Pilates and has her Certificate III in Fitness. She also teaches to private clients, small groups and at some of the leading local gyms. People of all levels and abilities are welcome.

Certificate of Matwork Pilates (including Pregnancy and Pilates) - Elixr School of Pilates
Certificate of Apply First Aid including CPR
Surf Life Saving Australia Spinal Award

Contact: Deanne

Mobile: 0418 220 052

Email: pilatesbythebeach@gmail.com
Web: www.pilatesbythebeach.com



Benjamin Cullen has been teaching Qi Gong and Tai Chi for 8 years. He is taught by Sifu Lin from Taiwan. 

Learning the way of Ancient Chinese Martial Arts is a journey into health, happiness and awakening. Through training you will learn to heal and strengthen the internal and external systems of the body.
For anyone at any level, developing these systems is a valuable process which can benefit all aspects of your life. Ben is skilled in healing and sports rehab. He is certified in Raynor massage and myofascial dry needle (acupuncture). He is available for one one one or small group sessions in Coogee, Alexandria private zen studio and surrounding suburbs. Cert III, Cert IV Fitness. Master level Grading Qi Gong, Tai Chi. Myofascial dry needle. Raynor Deep Tissue Massage and Acupressure. 

Contact: Ben

Mobile: 0411 887 408